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I put together all my body transformation coaching  videos on one page  for you to check out. You can also access my free PDF Downloads if you missed them before.

If you’re still on the fence and not sure if this is gonna work for you I understand how you feel. The truth is if you don’t do the workouts and follow my Nutrition Protocol or eat less it won’t. Nothing will.

But if you’re ready to stop doing it the same way you always have that isn’t working for you and try doing it my way I can 100% guarantee your results.

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Ian Kelley personal trainer here. So I want to answer an important question for a lot of us. Why do people fail at fitness? Or maybe, why do you keep failing at fitness, over and over again?

When I was first starting out 20 years ago I thought it was lack of information or knowledge about exercise and diet. I thought if people just had the information they could succeed in fitness and weight loss. I found out later the real reason…

Watch my video above to find out how my program works and how you can succeed at any 6 week body transformation. My Kickbutt Bootcamp is a  good fit for you if are over 35, a beginner, trying to make a comeback or have injuries. The program is designed for losing weight, feeling stronger and avoiding injuries. It has no burpees, crunches or plyometrics (jumping exercises).

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Pre-Beginner Workout

Are you just starting out with exercise? Recovering from an injury? Or maybe just feeling  out of shape and want to start slow? Don’t worry I got you. You can start here with Pre-Beginner routine. Tap below to get started…

Mountain Top Workout PDF Download & Nutrition Plan.

Here’s my latest bodyweight, outdoor workout for you, no gym or equipment needed!

Learn all about what a Body Transformation Diet looks like, Killer Chia Smoothie Recipe and Fitbody Cooking videos…

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