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Ultimate Challenge Training Package

Give me 30 days. I will give you 100% guaranteed weight loss and measurable fitness results.



Personal training and group fitness is great and I have had many incredible success stories with my clients. The problem, however, with gym memberships, group fitness and traditional personal training is that it is very easy for people to cancel appointments, make excuses and avoid having someone hold them accountable for the fitness and nutrition plan they agreed to and really wanted.




Ian Kelley

Fitness Facts:

Q. What are the benefits of fitness?

A. Improved quality of life through better health, you’ll live longer, have more energy, more strength, an improved immune system, an increased self-confidence, you’ll look and feel younger…. if you don’t have your health nothing else matters.

Q. What foods contribute to bad health?

A. Jack Lalanne said “If it’s made by man don’t eat it.” Any processed, packaged, man made food, anything with artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, MSG, hydrogenated oils, fast food, most restaurant food, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose, flours, cakes, cookies, most breads, soda, most baked goods, candy and refined carbohydrates.



Kick Butt Nutrition Tips:

• Limit fatty cuts of beef and base your meals around lean proteins like fish, eggs, egg whites and chicken or turkey breast

• Limit potatoes and rice to 1-2 servings a day and base your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables

• Eat breakfast every day-even just some fruit on the go is good if you don’t have time. Some eggs and/ or a nice bowl of whole oats with walnuts, cinnamon and maple syrup would be great!

• Don’t forget to plan your “Feast Day” once a week (where you can eat anything) to reset your hormones and keep your metabolism from downregulating.

• Try using dried fruits, raw nuts, bananas, grapes and honey for delicious snacks on the go and before exercise instead of processed snack foods

• Try drinking 1 quart of water per 50 lbs. of body weight per day to flush toxins out of the fat cells.


Ultimate Trainer Package

  • Food and Supplement Recommendations. Macro Diet or PBWF
  • VIP Scheduling and priority client status to guarantee you the best workout times. Space is limited to 2 clients.
  • Bodyfat % skinfold test, body tape measuring and weekly weigh-ins to measure your results and keep you on track.
  •  Beach cruiser bike rental and  Evolve gym membership included with psycho trainer package. Incredible Value.

Food and Recipes

If Man Made It, Don't Eat It. Jack Lalanne 1914-2011

 Eat natural and organic fruits and vegetables like kale, apples, grapefruits, garlic, collards, sprouts, spinach, green beans, lemons, broccoli, asparagus, melons, eggplant, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

· Healthy whole grains and legumes like lentils, oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, black beans, pinto beans, etc.

· Lean, clean proteins like wild fish, pastured poultry, free-range eggs and grass-fed beef.

· Healthy fats like cold processed coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, raw nuts, olives, flaxseeds, chia seeds, etc.

Bee products like raw honey, propolis, and bee pollen are also amazing super foods because of all the health benefits. Honey is the only truly natural sweetener because bees make it......

The Best Nutrition and Diet Tip

So if you really want to make a change. If you’re really ready. Then sure spend a little effort maybe 10% on finding out about what to nourish your body with and what to avoid like excessive dairy and processed foods. But spend 90% of your effort on changing your Psychology and reducing the Stress in your life. Because the way we think about food and react to stress are the real culprits..