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Dear Client,

There has never been a greater need for us to work out at home now in 2020, not just for or bodies, but for our minds. A simple, exercise routine repeated daily or several times a week will end stress or depression, annihilate anxiety and have you standing taller with your head up high. Now, more than ever, in these uncertain times we need to stay together and stay strong for our families.

Get A Workout Routines For All Fitness Levels. Designed by an expert with 20 years of experience in bodybuilding, group fitness and calisthenics. Beginner to advanced, even if you have never exercised before we have a plan for you at your fitness level. While other people are getting fat, wasting hours on exercises that don’t work or cause injury, you will train like a pro, burn fat and feel happy about life again.

  • 200+ Exercise Video Library
  • Complete 6 week beginner routine
  • Home/Outdoor Workouts. No Gym, No Problem
  • Bodyweight Exercises/Minimal Equipment Needed
  • Fitness Motivation Facebook Group-Community and Support

Get A Nutrition Plan. Say goodbye to calorie counting, hour long cardio sessions, drop 10 kg and finally get a flat stomach FAST, all without a gym, expensive trainer or magic diet shakes. Eat healthier, have more energy, feel better, and end depression and stress with my Nutrition Plan.

Don’t, like so many people who fail, make the mistake of thinking you can keep doing the same thing and get different results. You can make a new start with my FREE exercise program and contact me in my FB Group with any questions. I’m here to help whether you choose to be my client or not please take advantage of my free training program.

This exercise program is specifically designed to help you get shredded FAST and drop 10 kg within 6 weeks!


Personal Training Anywhere. No Gym, No Problem.

 Zoom, Jitsi Or Platform Of Your Choice. Get Personalized Home Training With Bodyweight Or Minimal Equipment Needed…

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Reserve Your 30 Min Fitness Assessment Now! FREE for a limited time ($55. USD Value) During this Plan Building session we will review your injuries, training experience and equipment access! Book your call with me today and I will help you plan a home workout routine and exercise area with whatever you have to work with whether you train with me or not…
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Ian Kelley Personal Trainer

Body Sculpting – Success Coaching – Personalized Training Programs – Contest Preparation – Muscle Toning – Strength Conditioning – Body Fat Reduction

 Online Personal Trainer For You

Online Personal Training Explained

 Because the trainer does not need to split profits with a gym owner there may be a ton more flexibility in the pricing. In my case, I like working out of a gym, training clients outside and online. I consider the whole world my domain, even cyberspace, haha.

If you’re like the majority of people that are considering hiring a personal trainer for the very first time, you’re feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed with choice since  everyone today calls themselves a trainer or a coach. After you choose to hire a fitness expert, finding one that is suitable for your needs and goals is the next step. I encourage you to get in touch with me through this site to talk about your particular requirements and needs. Yes, online personal trainers are more affordable than ones you see in the gym, but you also will need to make sure you are working with an authentic trainer since there’s a lot of posers nowadays.

You’ve still got to want to it  and commit to it and working with an online personal trainer can really work great and be an affordable option.

It’s simple to discover the ideal trainer best suited to help you achieve your exercise targets. Just check the trainer’s social media accounts and youtube videos. Currently there are many on-line trainers but some of them don’t really know about training or coaching but take a lot of good selfies in the gym. 

Try to remember, online training may not be proper for everybody but give me a try for free then decide. It is also accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone, making it possible for people who travel or people in remote areas to have access to a personal trainer. Online personal training usually means that you are able to acquire some kind of support giving you advice when you require it. It can give you the motivation that you’re looking for at an affordable price.

Since Online training enables me to work from anywhere I am excited about starting a high value program that I can continue with if I travel.

My Ultimate Home Training Program could be just what you need to learn the fundamentals and basics of health and physical fitness.  This online program will be designed with the goal to get you exercising every week to truly unlock the benefits of fitness.

Working out with a personal trainer can include a hefty price tag, especially in the event you want to train 5 times week, which is ideal.

Working with an internet personal trainer like me could be the affordable solution you are looking for. Once you make your purchase with me and finish your online application, I will contact you to discuss the best way to design your 300 minute a week fitness custom fitness plan.Running, weights, bodyweight, cycling, swimming, training outdoors anything is possible so think about what you like, what gets you exhilarated. 

Things You Should Know About Me Ian Kelley-Online Personal Trainer

I am a real trainer and work out of the best gyms in my area with clients one on one. If you would like the very best in private personal training contact me about coming to Playa del Carmen or I could travel to you depending on the time of year and your budget. 

Ian Kelley Personal Trainer

How Am I Different?

I decided I wanted to create routines that were efficient and could help people get maximum results in the minimum amount of time while avoiding injury because this is what I want for myself and is how I train.

IFTA Certified Personal Trainer, SCW Aqua Fit-2015, Crossfit Level 1-2013, Zumba Instructor-2014, TRX Suspension Training-2012

Awards & RECOGNITION” “OCB Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Fitness Author, Winner of Star 92.9 Biggest Loser Challenge 2012.”