About Me

Ian Kelley Personal Trainer, I want to be your coach, and fitness instructor. Google me. Watch my Youtube videos. Read my articles and testimonials. If you like what you see contact me for a free consultation.

Ian Kelley-Playa Del Carmen's Personal Trainer

IFTA Certified Personal Trainer, SCW Aqua Fit-2015, Crossfit Level 1-2013, Zumba Instructor-2014, TRX Suspension Training-2012

kelly-685x1024 playa del carmen personal trainer Ian Kelley Personal Trainer

SINCE 2002

I have been a personal trainer, coach and fitness instructor. I have learned along the way that my enthusiasm comes from giving you my best.

My mission

To help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your quality of life. I am all about creating a super, high value fitness experience for you. When I am doing this in the right way nothing else matters.


OCB Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Fitness Author, Winner of Star 92.9 Biggest Loser Challenge 2012.



Exercise your mind every day. Never try to escape from thought. All fitness begins in the mind so a fit mind is even more important than a fit body. Eliminate anything from your life that alters your mind and stops you from clear, rational, thought and judgment. Use your own mind to decide what you believe. Sing, go dancing, laugh, give hugs often, play with children and pets often and love yourself.