Get A Flat Stomach,Toned Arms And Bail The Belly In 21 Days Guaranteed!

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You can Download the workout here In PDF with demo videos:

Instructions To Get Shredded In 21 Days:

You will do this workout every day for 21 days. If you miss a day it is unlikely you will get results. Start with 1 round of the exercises and workout for 30-60 minutes. Increase to 2-3 rounds of each combo over 21 days….

Instructions To Get Shredded In 6 Weeks:

You must complete this workout routine 3 times in your first week (this should be 3 workouts of around 1 hour). Not just for the exercise but your fitness mindset and health.   Everyone has  a code that they live by whether they know it or not. I am going to ask you to make this your new code to live by.

Add your own workouts, like walking, jogging, yoga, gym workouts or any fitness activity that you like.

You will need 5 to 10 pound dumbbells and a yoga mat for this workout. A towel and bottle of water is also recommended.

You could do this workout in a gym using a mirror to check your form but it is not necessary at all. You only need dumbbells and a mat to make it happen.

First warmup the body with these tremendous dynamic body swings and stretches for 1 round of 10-20 repetitions of each exercise.

 1. Body Swings

 2. Elbow Touch Body Swings

 3. Arm Swing Rotation

4. Airplane Kicks

5. Wrist Release

The Protocol for this workout like many of my workouts will be

combos of 4 exercises  for 1-3 rounds. For week 1  start with 1-2 rounds of each exercise.

If you are new to exercise or making a comeback to training I recommend starting with 1 round of each exercise for your first workout.

The number of repetitions will vary for each exercise and is

important to follow so please review and study each workout carefully before starting. You will find video links for all exercises in the Download. Here is an outline of the workout…

The Workout: 

Frequently Asked:

Is it necessary to work with a coach?

If you are doing workouts at least 3 days a week on your own then you will get good results but if you have a hard time sticking with exercise then contact me about personal training. If you train with me 1 on 1 I can guarantee you will transform your body and your mind. Just do your best. This free program all by itself can get you amazing results. Just do it!

Can I do these workouts without a gym?

Yes, absolutely but you will need some 5 or 10 pound dumbbells and a yoga mat. A pretty small investment compared to a health club membership.

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