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Are you ready to Change Your Story? My training is all about changing your Fitness Mindset and story that you tell yourself.

I was reading an article from a great life coach on Quora and the takeaway was a gamechanger for me. Enough so that I need to share it with you here.

The question was “Why is it taking me so long to succeed?” and the answer was “you are avoiding the 1 or 2 few things that actually matter.”

Wow I could relate to this. For example, I remember a while back when I was doing triathlons and wanted to become a better swimmer. I hired a swim coach, talked to everyone about it and even read a book on swim technique.

So can you guess what the one thing I didn’t do was?

Actually turn up at the pool or the lake and go swimming! Sure I met my swim coach a few times but then I made excuses like “I’m to busy with work”.

So do you think I improved my swimming? No. of course not.

Mr. Schwekendieck uses a classic example with getting fit at the gym:

“Let’s say you decided you were going to get fit so you joined a gym and hired a coach. You even read books and watched exercise videos to prepare your routine. Then you hired a nutritionist and read a book on healthy eating. Then you only went to the gym and worked out once a week.

What do you think would happen? Would you get fit?

Or let’s say you didn’t do any of those things but you worked out for 2 hours a day.

What do you think would happen? Would you get fit?

Yes, of course you would because it is the single most important thing that really matters. Actually doing your workouts or training.

Lukas Schwekendiek  

Mindset Training

We all have a certain Mindset or Belief System around fitness, exercise and health. I am going to challenge you in my coaching to question your Belief System, to consider a different Fitness Mindset. I call this Changing Your Story. You see, we all have a story that we tell people around us and most importantly, ourselves. We believe this story and it becomes our Mindset or Belief System.

Changing Your Story

What if we could change the story we tell ourselves and others about fitness?  I’m not talking about visualizing goals or affirmations which we cover elsewhere. I’m talking about telling yourself a different mantra. Something like:

“I am trying some new fitness things and getting excited about training again!”

Tony Robbins talks a lot about “Changing your state”.  I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and you may know he talks about how you will see a big difference in your life when you are operating in an energetic Peak State where you are passionate, enthusiastic and excited vs. a low energy state where you are negative and depressed.

So ok sure but just how de we do that?

Well, one of the best ways I know is changing the story you tell yourself and others when you think about your goal. Sure, you might have to fake it till you make it a little at first but eventually you will believe the new story.

Everybody else has been telling us what stories to believe for our whole lives. I challenge you to write your own story now. One where you’re the winner.

Are you ready to make a big change in your life or you do you want to keep doing the same pattern that gets you the same results?

Please remember in the end guys if you don’t actually turn up for the workouts then the best trainers and coaches can’t help you.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Napoleon Hill