The Code

Ian Kelley Personal Trainer

While attending a training conference for fitness professionals in Orlando several years ago I first heard about the “300 minutes a week” concept. This idea or Code was the theme of the keynote speaker, a leading exercise researcher. It occurred to me that over the years, it was always my clients who worked out for 300 minutes a week or more, who succeeded at reaching their goals. For years at my health club in Vermont I had a 3 day a week Bootcamp and a 2 day a week Bootcamp at another location. To add value I decided to invite my clients from either location to crossover and come 5 times a week if they wanted.

Well, their were a few people who took advantage of it, and their results were exceptional. Body transformation exceptional.

What Are Your Standards?

It’s time to set a higher fitness standard.

Another great takeaway from the teachings of Tony Robbins is in the area of Standards. He talks about how we all have standards in different areas of our lives that we automatically maintain without even thinking about. I will summarize:

Think about someone you know who is a physically fit person. It seems easy for them, maybe you wonder how they do it. Well, it’s really no secret they just have different standards.

They probably go to the gym, or cycling or yoga and workout 5 days a week or some similar regimen. If they start to gain fat or get out of shape they immediately, fetch themselves up sharply and get back where they want to be. This is because they have a certain standard that they maintain around fitness.

You might have  high standards in other areas of your life but I’m here to tell you that if you are not getting the results you want in fitness it’s because you have a low standard and this needs to change. The Code is all about setting a new, higher standard for fitness by committing to a daily or weekly regimen.

What Is The Code You Live By?

Our code is like our operating system. We all have one when it comes to fitness, health and nutrition whether we know it or not. These are our unique habits and conduct we have in regards to exercise, physical fitness and exercise. For most of us this is based on what we believe is going to work for our particular goals. Most people’s Fitness Code is at least somewhat influenced by marketing and influencer’s sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

I hear and read online all the time from other trainers and influencers how “any small amount of exercise, even 1 hour a week, is a good start and will give you benefits.”

I think this sends the wrong message to most people and sets them up for failure. In my experience as a coach It only puts you one excuse away from no exercise.

I have a duty as your coach to hold you accountable and not encourage a  mediocre Fitness Code that will not get you the results you want. this is why I think it is so important for everyone to plan on working up to 300 minutes a week of exercise, physical activity or even health and wellness research and planning.

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