The Truth

Ian Kelley Personal Trainer

Find Your Fitness Truth

For me,  fitness has always been about other people. Sure, I can do workouts by myself but what kept me coming back when I first started was the social part of the gym experience. Being part of a group of people on the same journey. In fact, all the best friends I have had, I met in gyms and health clubs. The social aspect, of seeing my friends, the camaraderie,  thats what kept me coming back and still does today.

Most people who need help with fitness are not going to get results just from a cheap gym membership or following an Instagram Poser. They need  real fitness motivation from a professional trainer who can hold them accountable and keep them from making excuses and not continuing with a weekly exercise regimen.

Here’s some statistics you may already know if you follow the media:

Clearly, a 30 minute ride on the stationary bike while reading a magazine, a few times a week is not going to put a dent in these statistics.

Data Doesn’t Lie

We are going to collect data regarding the following starting points:

  • Your current weight
  • Your before photos
  • A nutrition snapshot from yesterday
  • Your current exercise habits
  • Your mindset around food

Action Step 1

In the worksheet below, you will do the following:

  • Record your starting measurements or waist size
  • Write down everything you ate and drank yesterday
  • Write down your current exercise regimen

Remember this is a truth discovery session. It may be uncomfortable. But there is no judgement, we are simply discovering the realities around where you are at right now. It is very important to actually write your answers and not just keep a mental note or something on your computer notes.

Something magical happens when we actually write down thoughtful answers and information. It burns the truth into our mind and has the power to change. Take the few minutes that it takes to do these action steps, if you don’t have a printer just write it out in a notebook or sheets of paper with a red pen. It could change your life.

 The Truth

The truth is about discovering why you haven’t achieved your desired results in the past.

We will shine a light on the truth to liberate you from the things that have held you back.

Once we do this, we can finally focus on moving forward.

It’s a harsh reality, but in most cases people have not achieved their goals because they’ve failed to be consistent and to follow through on the few things that actually matter like the workouts or the Mindset Training.

Under The Excuses Lies the Truth

First we need to find the excuses that we all use that keep us stuck with one foot on the brake. Often times they will be hidden and hard for us to see. It’s probably something you tell yourself and others over and over again. You have made it into your belief. We need to undo that.

In most cases we have automatic excuses that we use without even noticing it like “I don’t have enough time. or ” My life is to stressful.”

or how about “life is short and you never know what will happen, so I’m  gonna have a good time.”

So to find you excuses, ask yourself:

  • Why did I fail previously?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • What was my reason for not finishing what I started?
  • Where am I at now with fitness?
  • Who am I blaming for not reaching my goals?

Please take a pen and paper and write out the answers to these 5 questions to identify your default excuses. There’s probably one big one that you always cling to. Have you got it?

You can probably remember a time in your life where you felt like you had unstoppable power and succeeded at something important. You may not remember why, but you did this because you did not let your excuses stop you.

I want you to replace excuses that have become secret mantras and beliefs with empowering affirmations like these ones:

I am powerful, confident, alert and ready for any challenge or obstacle that comes my way!

I have a strong body, a strong mind and boundless energy to finish what ever I start!

I am going to live each day with purpose, passion for life, and gratitude!

These are just a few examples I made up on the spot. I encourage you to make up your own.

Action Challenge:

  1. Download my Fitness Affirmations PDF and read it every night or morning at least once per day.
  2. Add your own affirmations, (at least 3) that are important to you by writing them into the sheet.
  3. Record the affirmations by reading it into a recording app and then listen to it on loop repeat as a daily meditation

There are free apps that you can use to do this like BandLab.