How do you succeed with a 6 week body transformation?

So how can we succeed? Watch my video above to find out how my program works and how you can succeed at any 6 week body transformation. My Kickbutt Bootcamp is a  good fit for you if are over 40, a beginner, trying to make a comeback or have injuries. The program is designed for losing weight, feeling stronger and avoiding injuries. It has no burpees, crunches or plyometrics (jumping exercises).

Hey Guys,

Ian Kelley here to talk about what it takes to be successful with a body transformation that leaves you leaner, stronger and more energetic.

What it takes to get yourself over the edge where working out becomes something you just do.

In my last video lesson, “Why do people fail at fitness?”, I talked about the reasons why most people keep failing at fitness:

1)  Not doing the 1 or 2 things that actually matter to succeed like showing up for workouts…

2) Information Overload Creating Confusion

3) Low Fitness Standards 0-2 hours a week

If you’d like to check out Lesson 1 “Why do people fail at fitness?” and get my PDF downloads:

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Follow the recipe. I used to be a chef before I was a trainer and often I would use recipes. I found that when I decided to go rogue and not follow the recipe I got mixed results. I don’t have a monopoly on fitness just a program that’s proven and guaranteed to work if you follow the recipe.

how do I succeed with a 6 week body transformation?

How can I lose weight and feel stronger?

The top questions I got from my survey were around how to lose weight and feel stronger and that’s great because it’s exactly what my Kickbutt Bootcamps are designed for. Some of the top questions from the fitness survey:

How do you motivate someone to get back into a fitness routine, after being out for a while and feeling discouraged getting back into fitness? If I only have 20 minutes – what can I do in that short window of time to maximize the benefits of the workout? 

I recommend working with a coach or trainer either in person or online to get jumpstarted again. The great thing about Kickbutt Bootcamp Workout is it can be done for 20 minutes at a time because each combo is a carefully designed total body standalone workout and it includes mindset training lessons and a nutrition protocol. If you follow the formula this will work for you.

How can I maximize results with days that I may only have 30 minutes to put toward exercise? 

My Kickbutt Bootcamp is ideal for breaking down into 20 or 30 minute workouts because each of the 4 combos is a stand alone total body workout.

How long is the workout and How often should I do it? 

1 hour and 2 to 3 times a week. 

Watch out for my next video Lesson which is also about my Nutrition Plan and Body Transformation Diet…