Hey guys,

Ian Kelley personal trainer here. So I want to answer an important question for a lot of us. Why do people fail at fitness? Or maybe, why do you keep failing at fitness, over and over again?

When I was first starting out 20 years ago I thought it was lack of information or knowledge about exercise and diet. I thought if people just had the information they could succeed in fitness and weight loss. I found out later the real reasons which I will share with you here.

1-You are avoiding the 1 or 2 few things that actually matter.

If you are still not having success starting with a fitness or weight loss program, then you are probably not doing the one or two most important things necessary to succeed. “Let’s say you decided you were going to get fit so you joined a gym and hired a coach. You even read books and watched exercise videos to prepare your routine. Then you hired a nutritionist and read a book on healthy eating. Then you only went to the gym and worked out once a week.

What do you think would happen? Would you get fit?

Or let’s say you didn’t do any of those things but you worked out for 2 hours a day.

What do you think would happen? Would you get fit?

Yes, of course you would because it is the single most important thing that really matters. Actually doing your workouts or training.

2-Information Overload/Confusion

Today in 2019 with the internet we have more information at our command than ever and people are fatter than ever. All this information creates confusion, and when we are confused we most often do nothing until things are more clear.

The average person now spends 994 minutes (16 hours and 34 minutes) per week on social media and messaging platforms. Maybe this is the real reason we feel like we don’t have enough time do the things that are important.

3-Low Fitness Standards 0-2 hours a week

We all know people who make it look easy. They are physically fit and they exercise 5 times a week. If they start to get out of shape they fetch themselves up sharply and get back to the their fitness standard. I’m here to tell you if you are failing at fitness it’s not because your diet is wrong or you need a new trainer or gym.

It’s because you have a low fitness standard for yourself. It’s not your fault really. The fitness industry today promotes a low fitness standard because it sells. More and more people are looking for a “hack” or shortcut. A way to lose weight or get in shape without spending any time at it.

Have you noticed you can find an abundance of training programs, videos, apps and workouts today that encourage you to do shorter workouts, HIIT?

80% of North Americans aren’t getting the weekly minimum standard of 150 minutes or 2.5 hours of exercise or physical activity. This standard is way too low of a bar to begin with.

Sure, maybe someone who is an advanced exerciser can maintain a good fitness level on 2 hours a week but a beginner, someone making a comeback or really looking to make a transformation will need more to really get over the edge where workouts become something you just do.

Anyway, please watch the video and leave me any questions or comments below.

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