So what is the best fitness training?

Well, the truth is I have never found anything else as efficient and versatile as Dumbbell Training which is why I like to use lightweight dumbells so much in my training routines.

I like to take the best from every discipline of training to create programs that don’t only make you stronger but also help you to develop a balanced fitness by working on core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and cardio.

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, was known for his innovative fighting style where he took the best techniques from several different disciplines of martial arts and adapted his own discipline.

I follow the same philosophy, mixing exercises from strength training, bodyweight exercises, Dumbbell Training, Pilates, Yoga, functional fitness, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and sports training.

So what’s so special about dumbbells?

Why not go to the gym and use machines?

Why not only do Yoga or Running?

The answer that’s it about fitness efficiency, versatility and effectiveness for total fitness. When you combine core-focused bodyweight exercises with Dumbbell Training you can train anywhere and get great results for almost any goal.

In fact, I found out, really by accident, what I have found to be a really great overall workout which improves all areas of fitness such as strength, power, flexibility, balance, endurance , cardio, agility, coordination, etc.

You see what happened is….

I created a bootcamp around 10 years ago when I was trying to break out as a full time trainer and my goal was really to make money because I was broke so I wasn’t really caring if it would work or not,  just if people would think it works, was a good value, and they would pay for the training.

The only equipment available for me to use for my class was a big pile of small to medium dumbbells and some old mats that my health club had tossed in a closet of this old studio room that was not being used by the main group fitness program.

So I studied a little and copied the style somewhat of my mentor for the class except he was doing a bootcamp with only bodyweight that was more demanding for cardio.

Since I came from a weightlifting background I liked incorporating the dumbbells and bodyweight exercises together into combos of lunges, squats, pushup and plank variations using dumbbells or bodyweight. We did many 1 leg and 1 arm rowing and pressing exercises with the dumbbells as well….

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What is a good workout regimen for an overall better body?

It was the great Eugen Sandow, who first popularized Light Dumbbell Training back in 1894 with his book Sandow’s System of Physical Training.

From the chapter titled:

Dumbbell barbell exercises recommended by Eugen Sandow

“The training I, of course, specially commend is dumb-bell and barbell exercise, and, for beginners especially, of very light weights.

If it is used intelligently, and with the knowledge of the location and functions of the muscles…

It would surprise most would-be athletes how much can be done with the dumb-bell, and what a range and vast complexity of muscles can by it be brought into play….”

Sandow even developed his own special lightweight dumbells with spring grips to encourage flexing and develop grip strength.

Eugen Sandow

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