Mindset Training is necessary to perform at your peak level and not let the excuses, that might have stopped you before, from taking hold in your mind. Performance Coaches like Tony Robbins say that all humans operate by instinct from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

And many people associate pain, emotional and physical, with exercising or vigorous activity. The key is to reverse this and associate pleasure with exercise and pain with not exercising.

Performance coaching can help you have that breakthrough, find that grit, take up your sword to fight the crusade and win. It’s worth repeating that if you are still not having success starting with a fitness or weight loss program, then you are probably not doing the one most important thing necessary to succeed.

Actually suiting up, showing up with your dumbbells and doing the workouts.

From my own experience, I know that the right amount of exercise on a weekly basis can alleviate stress, anxiety and even depression. Some studies have shown that it can be even more effective than antidepressant medications.

The problem is that when a person is feeling stressed out or depressed it can be difficult to get out of this negative state and make a start at a regular weekly exercise program or plan.

So what can you do about it?

Mindset Training

Mindset Training

One of the best and most effective options is to get the help of a Life Coach or Therapist like my friend Mark Williams from Vermont. Mark explains on his blog how  “One of the symptoms of both anxiety and depression is often an urge to stay in bed or lay on the couch and not move. Moving stirs up emotions that we are running away from.”

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The important thing is to uncover the root cause that is blocking us from exercising and getting started. My 6 Week Body Transformation is a complete weight loss program with Mindset Training to change your belief system or fitness story to one where you associate exercise, movement and activity with pleasure instead of pain.

So how does someone who has been sedentary for a long time make a start?

It’s important to start with exercise and activity that you enjoy(or could learn to enjoy) and does not hurt you to much physically. This will allow you to get the cascade of mental, emotional and psychological benefits that are magically unleashed when you cross the threshold of 300 minutes a week of training.