Pre-Beginner Workout

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger


Required Equipment: 5-10 lb. Dumbbells, Yoga/Workout Mat, Light To Medium Tension Resistance Band (Buy On Amazon)

Only 1 round of the warmup exercises. Don’t round the lower back on body swings:

  1. Knee Hugs 10-20 reps
  2. Body Swings 10-20 reps
  3. Body Swings Elbow Touch 10-20

2 rounds of each combination:

  1. Side Shuffle Squats 10 reps
  2. Salute Reach Planks-10
  3. Glute Thrusters-10 reps

REST 2 Minutes

  1. 1 Leg DB Side Raise 10+10 reps left and right
  2. Hot Potato Squat 20 reps
  3. Lunge DB Diagonal Reach 5+5 reps left and right
  4. Side Plank Reach 5+5 reps left and right

REST 2 Minutes

Resistance Band

  1. Core Stability Band Reachout 10+10 reps left and right
  2. Tricep Dips 10 reps
  3. 1 Arm Band Pull 10+10 reps
  4. Band Glute Raise To Lunge 10+10 reps left and right

REST 2 Minutes

  1. 1  Leg Bent Over Row 5+5 reps left and right
  2. Alternating Dumbbell Raise 10-20 reps
  3. Hammer Bicep Curls 20 reps

2 rounds of the abdominal exercises:

  1. Elbow Plank Side Touch 10-20 reps
  2. Plank Dumbbell Mover 10-20 reps
  3. Scissor Kicks-10-20


6 Week Body Transformation

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Can I do these workouts without a gym?

Yes, absolutely but you will need some 5 or 10 pound dumbbells a yoga mat and a Resistance Band.

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